do clay


• do clay?

do clay is an initiative/ project of do.
do clay is primarily about making it a positive experience/ fun to be outside in the rain.
Usually, people (most of them at least) do not like to be in the rain, do clay is going to change that.

• So what is do clay exactly?

do clay consists of trays filled with clay, that can serve for a wide range of purposes.
They can be found in public places and they are free to use for everyone.
The kind of clay that is used for do clay gets soft when it rains and can then be used to play with, make a fine piece of art with, or whatever you feel like.
do clay is very playfull.


• Who made do clay?

do clay has been realised by do, in co-operation with students from the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague.
Remember though, that do clay isn't a finished product by itself, the actual beauty of do clay starts when it gets wet the clay gets wet and you just let yourself go with it.

• For who is do clay again?

do clay is for you, me, your friend... everybody.
Everybody includes (a.o.):

  • Children
  • Artists
  • Elderly
  • Truckdrivers
  • Royalty

Get the picture?
If not, then these links might help you a little, since it shows actual people actually using do clay.


• Why would one use do clay?

Why? Why not?
Take a look @ the following list of things that do clay is and ask yourself this question again.

do clay is:

  • Fresh
  • Fun
  • Free
  • Save
  • Sexy
  • Social
  • Healty
• Social

do clay trays have enough room for more than one person, so when it rains, people can get together (either with friends or total strangers) and do whatever they like.
do clay does not discriminate.

• Healthy?

Yes, very much so actually.
do clay is good for your health because it reduces stress, but also because it's about the nicest thing that could heppen to your skin.
do clay is one of the few things in life (the only?) that's actually fun and healthy at the same time and to top it of, it's free!